Sanskrit for Kindergarten Homework?

23 Apr
When you do NOT understand your kindergartner’s homework, this is scary! It is even MORE scary if you are actually trying hard, paying full attention and you STILL don’t get it. What? 

Terrance came home with a paper that had no instructions, a bunch of sequential pictures and no “boxes to fill,” “answers to write,” or any semblance of a clue as to what the assignment might actually BE. 

On the bottom of the pages, he had scribbled in hieroglyphics that looked like he was practicing for advanced Sanskrit class. (In fact the link below, made more sense than his homework.)

When I asked him what he had written underneath the pictures, he informed me that he “did not know and that it was very hard.” I decided that it was a sure sign that he had been writing in Sanskrit. Wow, how to bone up on that class before tomorrow?? ;-) I STILL do not know whether or not to erase his Sanskrit and make up other words to write in (to pretend that we “get it.”) Pretending has never been my strongest suit.

I will draw from the link above with info below.  ;-)
Sanskrit Pronunciation and Diacritic Guide
The importance of Sanskrit to Hinduism. Sanskrit terms and pronounciation guide.
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